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Forecast for: Altos Mirandinos          Parque El Retiro - San Antonio de los Altos 
Local time UTC - 4:00 No DST
GlobalTuner Altos Mirandinos
Dr. Raúl Padrón E.E. YV5FIH
US NO Master Clock Time
twitter: @yv5fih
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Red de Servicios - Radio Club Venezolano (RCV) CONTROL 7.100 MHz LSB 6 KHz
Restarted at 0:05, 5:05, 12:05, 18:05 (UTC: 20:05, 1:05, 8:05,14:05)
Local time: UTC - 4:00 No DST - Located at 1,467 m asl
Frequent electrical shutdowns, internet problems and thunderstorms!
73 de Raúl Padrón YV5FIH

Dr. Raúl Padrón E.E. @raulpadron www.raul-padron.org LAB: www.raul-padron.org/lab
YV5FIH  (Fuente de Información Hidrometeorológica) @yv5fih www.meteoven.org/yv5fih yv5fih at gmail.com
Centro virtual de Meteorología (CvM) @meteoven www.meteoven.org  meteove at gmail.com

 YV5FIH  Ham Radio station at  Altos Mirandinos, Los Salias, Miranda, Venezuela
1.456 m asl WEST
1.750 m asl  NORTHWEST
1.750 m asl NORTHWEST
Images updated every 5 min
weather forecast www.meteoven.org
Updated every 5 min

Alternated live atmospheric electric field and  lightning map

Screen capture show the  electric field measured (green readout in V, plor in KV/m) at 1.467 m asl
 updated every 5 min alternated with the current lighting map on this radio shack
Precipitation shown at the bottom is in mm

Current electrical thunderstoms around Altos Mirandinos GlobalTuner and YV5FIH shack

Electromagnetic propagation conditions


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